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Aginares me araka

Artichokes with peas, potatoes and carots in lemon sauce...

6.80€ Ex Tax: 6.02€


Fakorizo, lentils, rice, corn, raisin,..

5.30€ Ex Tax: 4.69€

Garides giouvetsi

Shrimp with orzo and tomato..

8.20€ Ex Tax: 7.26€


Stuffed tomatoes and peppers...

6.60€ Ex Tax: 5.84€

Hirino kleftiko

Pork with peppers and cheese in oven..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.64€

Hirino kontosouvli

Kontosuvli of pork with tomato and pepper..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 6.11€

Kotopoulo Mpardouniotiko

Chicken with tomato, onions and feta cheese..

7.30€ Ex Tax: 6.46€


Veal stew with vegetables..

8.20€ Ex Tax: 7.26€

Lazagna with spinach

Lazagna with spinach in oven..

6.80€ Ex Tax: 6.02€