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Chicken in a pouch

Posted by teohor 03/05/2017 0 Comment(s)



Chicken fillet

Coloured peppers





Aluminum foil

Baking paper

Nice mood and appetite

We follow the instructions in the photographs and bake in the oven for 40' at 180 degrees

1. Cut equal pieces of baking paper and aluminum foil

2. Put the chicken fillet cut in small pieces

3. Put yellow peppers cut in pieces

4. Add orange peppers cut in pieces

5. Add green and red peppers cut in pieces


6. Add salt, pepper and oregano

7. Add oil

8. Mix all together

9. Wrap the baking paper and the aluminum foil in a pouch and put it in the oven

10. 40 minutes later our dish is ready

Easy and delicious way:

1. Pick up the phone and dial 210 2823100

2. Place your order

3. In a few minutes your order will be at your door

4. Bon appetit!!


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