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About Us

Who we are



''Mesimeriano'' - meaning ''lunch'' in greek - was created to cover                            

your needs in freshly made and healthy food.

Having in mind that everyday work can result in lack of time, especially

for working women, we offer you the possibility to choose your lunch

(and why not your dinner as well) from a variety of 7 to 10 traditional

meals, Monday to Friday.

Our secrets

Our big secret is our love for what we do, which helps us turn fresh

ingredients to freshly cooked, traditional meals.

We follow the difficult path of having from 7 up to 10 different meals

every day - we are truly sorry that we cannot offer 75 different ones,

even 5' before our closing time.

We buy our ingredients from the vendors of our neighborhood and we

always clean the potatoes ourselves.

All the salads are prepared by your order, and mayonnaise is made only

by us.

We do not buy ready-made meals or pies from other vendors.

We never make a meal that we would not give to our children

We do not use microwave ovens to reheat/''revive'' frozen meals from

other vendors

We are environment-friendly (at least as much as we can), by recycling

used oil, plastics, glass and paper that we use